An Amazon FBA seller account with high sales is considered healthy. Sales velocity impacts account health metrics, rankings, and cash flow. If you want to increase your sales, we will tell you ten tips to boost your FBA sales and keep you on the growth path.

Tip 1- Get Brand Registered-

Firstly, you need to register your brand. When you register your brand, you get numerous benefits on Amazon FBA-

1. Video Content: Brands registered on Amazon FBA can include video content in their product listings and for advertising purposes. However, uploading videos is not possible without brand registration.

2. Enhanced Brand Content: Brand-registered on Amazon FBA sellers can create listings with extensive descriptions, numerous images, and comparison charts, enhancing the overall presentation and appeal of their products.

3. Access to Powerful Tools: Amazon FBA offers a range of tools exclusively to registered brands, empowering you to optimize your product listings and gain valuable insights into keywords to improve your visibility and sales.

4. Access to all Advertising: Brand-registered sellers on Amazon FBA have access to various advertising options on Amazon FBA. In contrast, non-registered sellers are limited to using Sponsored Products ads.

When customers have access to prime services such as faster delivery, easy returns, and no shipping fees, they are more likely to make a purchase. Amazon FBA Prime and FBA have built a strong reputation over the years, earning buyers' trust. More than 60% of Amazon FBA sales are through FBA, and you can store your inventory it also handles the processing and fulfillment.

Brand Registry

Tip 2- Use Best Keywords-

Keywords are crucial for listing products and are important in increasing sales. Engaging headlines and bullet points is also essential; your product details must be descriptive.

For your product titles to be seen, they must contain pertinent keywords.

Employ Relevant Keywords: Incorporate relevant keywords to raise your product's search engine ranks.

Be Descriptive: A succinct, unambiguous title makes your goods easier for clients to grasp at a look.

Relevant keywords are to be used in the listing as they improve descriptions and product visibility. You may accomplish this by conducting keyword research or by utilizing keyword research tools. Your advertising will be blocked in search results that are irrelevant to your target demographic if you include negative keywords in your campaigns. Your ads will only be displayed to non-targeted audiences if you include negative keywords. This will increase your click-through rate and reduce the money and clicks wasted on ineffective PPC campaigns. Keywords like Jungle Scout, the best one-stop shop for discovering, releasing, and selling goods on Amazon FBA and other online retailers is Jungle Scout. We give sellers access to cutting-edge, current tools, features, and reliable data so they can make wise decisions for their Amazon FBA business.

Products that contain only a small number of keywords (e.g., less than 150) may find it challenging to succeed, particularly when competing against established sellers with numerous reviews. Conversely, products with a large number of keywords have a greater chance of outperforming and securing sales. How can this be achieved? Utilize a tool such as Keyword Scout and conduct a reverse ASIN search on all the products offered by your competitors. Simply obtain the ASIN of your competitor's product and input it into Keyword Scout.

Then, once you have gathered all the ranking keywords, organize the data to determine which keywords your competitors are ranking for. You might be surprised to find that some prominent Amazon FBA sellers are not effectively ranking for important keywords. Regardless of the number of reviews you have, their oversight presents a valuable opportunity for you.

Tip 3- Optimize Your Page Fullest-

Since Amazon FBA functions as a product search engine, practically every element of your product page can be optimized.

Titles are the most crucial element of your product listing page is the title, which can raise your product's position in the Amazon FBA search results. It is the first text that a customer sees.

The product's primary keywords have to appear in your product titles. It shouldn't be too long, but it should be exact and descriptive. According to Amazon FBA Seller Central, the maximum character count for your product title should be 80.

Tip 4- Strategic and best product shoot-

One of the main disadvantages of eCommerce platforms is that buyers are unable to handle and test the product.

Customers on Amazon FBA must rely on product photos because they cannot physically inspect your items. Adhering to Amazon's visual specifications is essential to product sales.

Per the Amazon FBA product image rules, each page must have at least one image. Amazon FBA sellers can choose to include a video and up to nine photos on a product description page, depending on the category. Your primary image must be strong.

Please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • A white background is required for your images.
  • The entire product must be visible within the frame.
  • Your images cannot include inset graphics or overlay text.
  • Ensure that your images are focused and have smooth edges.
  • The product should occupy at least 85% of the frame.
  • Images should not feature multiple objects aside from the product.

Below are some suggestions for optimizing your other product images:

🔶Utilize high-quality images: Your images must be clear, well-lit, and high-resolution. Blurry or pixelated images may deter potential buyers. Consider hiring a professional photographer to present your product in the best light possible.

🔶Display different angles and details: Incorporate multiple images to showcase your product from various perspectives and to emphasize important features or details. This can help customers gain a better understanding of your product.

🔶Illustrate the product in use: Lifestyle images depicting the product in use can assist potential customers in visualizing themselves using it. This can enhance the appeal of your product.

🔶Incorporate infographics: Infographics can be utilized to emphasize the features and benefits of your product, display dimensions, or explain how to use the product. These can be particularly useful for complex products.

🔶Maintain authenticity: Avoid altering the images in a way that modifies the nature or appearance of the product. This can result in returns and negative reviews if customers feel that the product they receive differs from the one displayed on the site.

🔶Maximize the number of images: Amazon FBA permits you to upload multiple images. Make sure to utilize all available image slots. Each image presents an opportunity to persuade potential customers to purchase your product.

Tip 5- Encourage more positive reviews

Positive feedback on Amazon is extremely valuable. Many new Amazon sellers need to understand the importance of reviews.

Reviews have a significant impact beyond just sales; they also influence product visibility, bestseller rankings, and inventory management, among other things. Additionally, their social proof is crucial in a competitive marketplace.

Ultimately, favorable reviews build trust in your products and significantly enhance sales on Amazon.

Prioritize collecting reviews, especially if you're new to Amazon. Customers rely on products with a large number of positive reviews.

Naturally, these reviews must be genuine. You can't pressure customers to leave a 5-star review.

Here are some tactics for increasing your number of verified reviews:

🔶 Utilize Amazon's Buyer-Seller Messaging System: Log in to your Amazon seller account, locate an order, and send a review request.

🔶 Utilize product inserts: Include a "thank you for your purchase" card in an item you ship to a customer. On the card, request a review. Avoid offering incentives, as Amazon may discover this eventually!

🔶 Consider Amazon Vine: This program invites the most reliable Amazon reviewers to share their opinions about your product. Vine is a popular method for increasing reviews on newly launched products, but you must meet specific eligibility criteria and provide your products to reviewers for free.

Tip 6- Competitive price

Your pricing strategy can significantly boost your sales. If you aim to increase sales, your price needs to be competitive. Offering a competitive price may require an initial financial sacrifice, but it's worthwhile as it can generate sales momentum and attract reviews.

After a few months, you can transition to a more lucrative pricing strategy. This involves increasing your price once you have established rankings and received reviews. Many people tend to overlook the importance of pricing.

However, mastering these concepts and strategically adjusting prices can elevate your profits to a new level. For instance, if your product consistently achieves at least ten daily sales, it can be considered stable.

At this point, customers might consider your product too costly. When this happens, it might be time to lower the price and observe customer response gradually. Continue this adjustment until you find the optimal price.

Tip 7- Start Advertising

When it comes to promoting products for sale, Ecommerce offers unique advantages and choices. Amazon sellers can access various types of ads, including:

1. Sponsored Products: These advertisements work on a cost-per-click model, which means payment is only made when someone clicks on the ad. You can set up a campaign to market specific listings on Amazon shopping results pages and product detail pages. You can choose specific keywords or use similar products to match ads to customer searches. Alternatively, automatic targeting allows Amazon to match ads to relevant search terms and products. Notably, on average, products see a significant 50% increase in weekly ordered units within the first year of launching a Sponsored Products campaign, which can significantly boost your sales and brand visibility.

2. Sponsored Brands: These ads, available to Amazon sellers enrolled in Brand Registry, are similar to Sponsored Products. They are cost-per-click product listing ads that allow you to showcase your brand logo, a custom headline, and multiple products from your brand. Sponsored Brands can be used to improve brand awareness and drive sales of specific products. The use of video in Sponsored Brands ads can capture customer attention and help products stand out in shopping results.

3. Sponsored Display: If you meet the eligibility criteria, these campaigns are digital advertisements that can target customers within the Amazon store and other websites and apps. Sponsored Display campaigns utilize rich media and contextual signals to appeal to relevant audiences rather than relying on keywords.

Tip 8- Start Taking PPC Seriously

Using Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) has been proven to be an effective method for increasing overall sales on Amazon. This approach involves investing funds to boost your product above organic search results, which can lead to more visibility, clicks, and sales. Many sellers run PPC campaigns, but they may not do so as efficiently as possible. It's important to consistently monitor and improve your PPC efforts to get better results.

Enhancements can include allocating more budget to high-performing search terms and reducing budget allocation for terms with poor ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sale) performance. Engaging in PPC is essential in today's Amazon environment You haven't explored PPC yet. It represents a significant opportunity to boost your sales. In conclusion, using Amazon PPC ads will increase your product's exposure and drive more sales. For those already running PPC, it's crucial to consistently optimize campaigns by directing additional budget toward profitable search terms and ads.

It is crucial to comprehend the significance of PPC for sellers-

PPC plays a pivotal role in enhancing brand awareness. In the absence of brand visibility, achieving sufficient sales becomes a challenge. Running PPC campaigns increases the likelihood of improved product rankings. As sales for your product grow, it gains prominence in search results.

Moreover, PPC contributes to boosting organic rankings, especially for highly competitive keywords.

Additionally, PPC campaigns can be advantageous for seasonal products. Sellers witness increased sales during end-of-season sales and festive periods. By implementing PPC campaigns, products are exposed to a wider customer base .In conclusion, PPC campaigns are an effective means of boosting product sales, which is why most Amazon FBA sellers leverage this strategy.

Tip 9- Ranking Boost

Ranking well among other products on Amazon is pivotal to your success.

However, it's not always clear which tactics to use to improve your Amazon ranking, as it is crucial for your success.

To enhance your ranking, you need to:

Adjust pricing to align with your competitors. If your product is priced significantly higher than those on the first page of search results for a particular term, it will negatively impact your rankings.

While you don't have to have the lowest price to rank well, offering something within the same range as other products is essential.

  • Increase advertising efforts Any action that positively impacts your sales rate will also improve your rankings. Amazon PPC is more crucial now than ever before, offering benefits that extend to your organic ranking.
  • Update product listings refreshing your products' SEO and product photography can enhance your rankings by boosting search relevance and conversion rates.
  • Enhance packaging Improving your packaging can decrease the rate of product returns to Amazon, which in turn will have a positive effect on your rankings.
  • Don't go out of stock Staying in stock on Amazon FBA is crucial to maintaining rankings. When you go out of stock, there's no way to measure the damage done to lost sales and the work you'll have to put in to regain rank after getting things back in stock.
  • Consistency across images, descriptions, and delivered product When your images match what your description says, and the final delivered product looks like your images, customers will be pleased, which will net you positive reviews and fewer returns, and thus better rankings 

Tip 10- Follow Amazon Guidelines

Last, you must follow all the Amazon guidelines to do Amazon FBA business. Without following the guidelines, you can't operate your business.

Amazon's product image guidelines are very specific. You aim to create attractive and captivating photos while ensuring they comply with the guidelines.

These are the image guidelines that FBA sellers need to remember when selling products on Amazon FBA. It's important to consider the FBA fees and adhere to the guidelines.


Selling products on Amazon can be challenging due to fierce competition, so it's crucial to stay vigilant and periodically reassess your strategies to ensure their continued effectiveness.

Therefore, consider implementing the above-mentioned tips to boost your competitiveness and enhance your sales through Amazon FBA.

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