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Additional Income is a need in this era, but many people can not find the right path towards a profitable secondary income. 

How do you generate a growth-oriented business that is sustainable in the long run? Possibly something which has the potential to overcome your existing stream of income.

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20th-July-2024 (SATURDAY) | 11 am - 1 pm

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There are 120 million registered customers in amazon India, but amazon has only 10 lakh sellers on its platform! So, there is a huge gap where you can fit your dream and make it come true!

20th-july- 2024 (SAT) |  11 AM- 1 PM

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We want you guys to boom and reach the top and fulfil your dreams, we want to impart that knowledge to you so that you can decide for yourself, is this the right business for you or not! We want to make your path that will lead to you at the top so that you can see your business grow. To you at the top so that you can see your business grow.

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I have devised a foolproof algorithm, which if applied step by step, will generate and make money for you online on autopilot.

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Meet Mr Amar Bedi
The Founder, CEO, Instructor

I am Amar Bedi, and I will teach you the A to Z of earning money online through amazon FBA. I have 15+ years of industry experience and 7+ years of international & national e-commerce experience. I have combined this knowledge from books, and my own e-commerce experience for the last 7 years. My industry experience & overseas international business experience for the last 15 years. I have accumulated the entire knowledge, fine-tuned it, summarized it, and packaged it nicely and I am giving it to you.

What will be imparted to you?

The best anyone can provide is the knowledge, and the best you can get is the expertise of someone for what you are planning to do. We are into e-commerce because we can do that confidently and passionately. We are creating a number of entrepreneurs in this particular field. We will develop you as an entrepreneur and teach you the right mindset required to succeed.