We all know the term e-commerce and How it is immerging in our lives. In this era, everybody wants to shop online. It does not matter whether it is a beauty product, kitchen appliances, or any big and bulky items. We all trust that if we are ordering today, we can get it by tomorrow or in the next two days. Well, Recently it is also too much. Think of yourself as a customer.If you are ordering something today. when do you want your ordered product to reach you?

If you are ordering something today. when do you want your ordered product to reach you?

Now reaches the most important role if you are a seller on amazon. It is your responsibility to make sure that the selected product should be received by the customer, on that particular promised date.well, It depends on the business model you have chosen to work with Amazon.

How can you send your products to the customers?  
How can you make sure that the products will reach on time to the customer?

Here comes the FBA, which is Fulfillment by Amazon. This business model will save you from any damage or any external issues that can happen in any way and will give you positive delivery feedback to make you rank better.

So basically, FBA is a savior.

FBA model makes sure to deliver your product to the customer at that particular time and date. 

It saves you from many things, basically whatever you can think you have to do, Trust me! That is an 80-20 thing, and your part is the 20.

But that does not mean, That you do not need to do anything

I will tell you your part as well. Those things which you will need to do, but before that...

Let me share a list of things you do not need to do if you choose this "PLUG- N-PLAY" FBA model.



I know it is a long list, and you must be thinking that we do not need to do these things, that what exactly we need to do.

so, here comes your part...listing is your part

"You list it, and Amazon will ship it"

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a storage and shipping service, That Amazon offers to help business owners sell their products.

Amazon will take care of everything for you and give you time to grow your business, and here is the surprise...

You can even win the BUY BOX.

Your chances will be higher than the other sellers who have not chosen FBA.

If you are a seller, you must know the importance of the buy box. How can it help you maintain your goodwill in the e-commerce market and boost your sales, which will help you make more money?

But if you are not a seller and trying to be one. You blindly go with this FBA model.

Of course, there are many other ways or business models you can choose to work with Amazon. But why FBA?

Why not Easy-ship or Self-ship or any other mode?

The big question, right? But let me give you the answer and make it easy for you to decide, Why you should choose FBA?

Easy-ship is an option. But it doesn't mean that it is easy. Especially it is not for beginners.

Easy-ship and Self-ship give you so many options but not the relaxation and time that FBA can give you to grow your business. In Easy-ship, The sellers are required to generate labels and pack the orders. When orders are ready, Amazon will come to pick the orders for delivery to the customer. So your work is the 80, and amazon work is 20 here. And, Self-ship is where everything is required to be done by the buyer. You, as a buyer, need to print order labels, pack the orders and then send goods through a courier company. So, end to end order processing will be handled by you, as a seller.So, now you can easily decide what is right for you. How you can reach customers worldwide by sitting at home, without putting in extra efforts and hiring additional staff to do your work.

And yes! Without any warehouse too. 

Amazon started its FBA program in 2006. The main advantage of FBA is getting your products to your customers at a lower cost. Amazon FBA provides a good communication & support system, That notifies sellers about the new changes and features.

So, It helps sellers, especially the new ones who have just added FBA to grow their business.

You need to pay storage fees & fulfillment fees to Amazon for the FBA program. The cost depends on the number of inventory you store. Amazon also has this neat thing, where the fees can go up for the items that would be stored for longer than 180 days.Don't worry! This is just to encourage people to keep products moving.

Pros of FBA
Effortless Shipping and Logistics
Customer Service Management
More Storage Space
Discounted Shipping Rates
The best part- Quick Delivery. That is what every customer wants and the difficult thing to manage.

So, choose FBA and also us to help you in running your business, in the most profit-making way.
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