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Why Amazon for private labels?

The tremendous growth of the E-commerce market in India has supported the rise of private labels. Between 2016 and 19, the E-commerce market grew by nearly 29% to reach INR 1400 billion. In the coming years, this growth is projected to be 35%. 

With the growth of the Indian e-commerce sector, Amazon is considered the best place to sell private label products due to its ease of setting up and large customer base. After the pandemic, many shoppers have tried out new products or brands. As per the study by Statista, more than 58% of consumers shifted brands due to the unavailability of preferred names, and 21% made swaps to avail of better value or offers.

In addition, nearly 82% of new shoppers have claimed to continue to purchase on Amazon in the long term.

How would you sell your own brand on Amazon?

Before you proceed with selling your own brand on Amazon, having a thorough knowledge of the steps involved is a must. Naturally, you might have tons of questions clouding your head:

  • How will I research the winning product?
  • How will I source a manufacturer to provide a good quality product?
  • How will I start my Private Label with that product?
  • How will I get the listing, advertising, and photography done for this product?

How much would I have to invest to get all of this?

Woah! So many questions! Don't worry, We are here to provide you with the answers. So, Join our course and get all the answers to your questions.

22nd -june-2024 (Saturday) |
11 am - 1 PM

What do you get in the program?

You get access to 70+ hours of advanced content covering various advanced topics such as advertising, A+ content, reviews, and SEO, which you can utilize to put your brand on the Amazon MAP!

In addition to this, you also get a pack of 12 live masterclasses, which you can take over the course of 3 months. These classes are taken by Mr. Bedi

Why do you need this course?

You must understand there is nothing wrong with ambition or big aspirations. If you want to earn a secondary income or if you want to start your own business, you can be a new & existing seller on Amazon. You should choose this course because it fits perfectly with your goals. So, here you will understand the benchmarks of the Amazon business, How Amazon works, and what kind of Amazon Business model will be more successful for your business. This course will clarify the market trends and How you can generate a sustainable income with Amazon by selling your Private Label. 

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