About Us

What is Prosync Infotech?

Prosync Infotech is a KPO, that is providing outsourcing services nationally and internationally for the past 8 years. Prosync Education is an initiative taken by us. To help those who want to take their business online. Guiding existing entrepreneurs and businesses in their e-commerce journey. By providing actionable step-by-step courses to help you get from point A to point B and make money. 

Why are we doing this? 

The ultimate purpose of ProSync Education is to equip you with every bit of knowledge about e-commerce, which you will need at each stage of the way to take your business from scratch to success.

Thinking you’re on this journey alone? 

Prosync will change that completely. This online e-commerce learning platform is all about empowering entrepreneurs to start and grow an e-commerce business, especially at the early stages. We will provide you with a lot of insight and easy to understand guides for getting started with e-Commerce. 

Join us on an e-commerce adventure!


I want to Learn E-Commerce

Allow me to teach you my formula which I have used to create my wealth as an amazon FBA reseller and summarise my 7-year knowledge